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An IndustrialHarbour of original songs - By the way - In 2020 we raised £908 for the Crisis Charity so support us if you'd like to help us do more in 2021 - Thanks 

PUNK DYLAN, a well-renowned Punk Rock Band, is made up of Vic Doyle and his circle of enthusiastic musicians and vagabonds. Based in The Thames Valley/Windsor, they have joined to play Vic's songs - mostly written across his entire adult life. They play these songs live, along with a roster of cover versions extracted from the lyrical underground, and some perhaps unlikely funk and dance tracks thrown in. we are celebrating the future and the past, masculine and feminine party starters. We hope you enjoy our Alt Country, Punk Rock, Psychobilly Funk leanings. They used to call it eclectic, now it's just "PUNK DYLAN" music.

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