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Shock Headed Peter:

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

This ten track album is an unexpected delight. Seemingly appearing out of nowhere it was imagined, produced, mixed and written by Vic Doyle, who brought Punk Dylan together to perform and record his compositions. The ten songs are actually extracted from the work of Vic’s previous bands: the Dead Popes, Death Pop and the Wheel, and span his forty year career in music, with the addition of recently penned material. Many of these songs seem familiar, as if one should know and love them already. They sound massive and range from good ‘ol rock n’ roll sounds to contemporary Velvet Underground style drones. All the way through, British pop sensibilities merge with dirty boogie and country melodies to expose a soulful lyrical quality, best encapsulated on Perfect World and Everyman. For me the album highlights with the magical soundscape of the haunting Castles, but Pope Joan, Beautiful Bird and Shocking Inspiration come close. There is poetry within these tunes. Then there are outright punkers like It’s Summertime and Reality Feedback to keep things gritty. There is some fine chicken pickin’ guitar from Neil Smith, and an exciting vocal debut from new talent Teddie Little, whose pure tones shine on Castles and Perfect World. Denmark Street Lockdown and Punk Dylan could be the solution to the blues of these dark and distressing viral times. The old punk rock do-it-yourself values radiate throughout this album. Open your ears to it or remain forever musically impoverished. Shock Headed Peter

Behind the river was the first live outing! At a riverside beer festival after a bit of table tapping in the beer garden!


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