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What's in a song? A step-by-step guide to creating music

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

In June our collective band started jamming in Burnham Park on a weekend day for up to 3 hours! We had a bout 30 cover songs we'd played at open mikes during th previous year. But during the initial lockdown I instantly made some drum loops then recorde 50 cover versions onto an old BR1600 roland multitrack machine. I sent them to Simon and a Robert, then I did the same with my own back catalogue of self written songs that had never been recorded or relased. Ive been in original bands almost continuously since I was 14 so there has been a lot of unfinished songs/unrecorded songs and ones that just never got played much. So I put down the bare bones of 30 of those songs going back to even before I had ever touched a guitar. So thanks to everyone on this album there are detiled notes on the album sleeve, but again with drums and bass we first or second take recorded the backing tracks then added other parts utilising Simon's engineering prowess - lead vocal, second guitar, backing vocals, dobro guitar, harmonica. then I took a recorder to Wales during a breif window between shutdowns and added a snippet of flute and violin. The Tier 4 announcements prompted me to finish the mixing at home and print off th first 20 discs and sleeves - there it is, home made DIY from start to finish, thanks to all the band and a few extras, you'll each get a copy I


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